The Cinco Amigos began as an informal group in 2006.  While attending the infamous Pebble Beach, Concours du Elegance, the five gentlemen thought, “why don’t we do a car show in Albuquerque to raise money for our local community?”  Upon their return home, they did just that.  The first two years they parked their own automobile collections in one of the Amigos front yards, bought some pizza and beer and invited the public in for a look.  Soon they added a dinner party and selected Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation to help with the organization of the event and earn the funds.


In 2008, the Cinco Amigos asked the Albuquerque Community Foundation to join them in growing the show.  Known for their creativity,  event management and fundraising expertise, the Foundation agreed to become the organizer of this unique event. Each year, Foundation staff and the Cinco Amigos work together to create a fresh, unique weekend of events for car aficionados, both those who enjoy the view from behind the wheel to those who prefer to watch from the side lines. The show features eighty to one hundred local supercars each year, on loan from generous car owners who are willing to share their automobile for the weekend.  


Each year, the Amigos divide the net proceeds between an endowed fund held by the Foundation for the long-term benefit of the community while remaining funds are granted to local nonprofit organizations.  Because the Cinco Amigos are local business owners and committed to a better community, grants are focused on economic development, job growth and education leading to employment.     


We invite you to join us!  Show a car, buy a ticket, become a sponsor.  We’d love to have you as a partner.

Jerry Roehl, Steve Maestas, Kevin Yearout, Jason Harrington, Mark Gorham

(From L-R) Jerry Roehl, Roehl Law Firm | Jason Harrington, HB Construction | Mark Gorham, Lorelei Investments | Kevin Yearout, Yearout Mechanical | Steve Maestas, Maestas Development Group